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22 Sep 2014

Loughborough engineer aiming to make powdered milk taste like the real thing

A piezoelectric atomiser A piezoelectric atomiser.

Powdered milk could taste more like the real thing in the near future thanks to a project involving a Loughborough University chemical engineer.

Dr Andy Stapley has been awarded a £274,578 grant by the European Commission to help produce better quality powdered milk by improving the spray drying process.

His three year project is part of a £5m programme called ENTHALPY * whose aim is to look at the ‘cow to carton’ process and reduce the amount of energy and water used in the production of powdered food products like milk by 60 per cent.

Dr Stapley’s project will aim to not only improve the spray drying process involved in the production of powdered milk but also the quality of the product.

He thinks a tastier powdered milk could be in the shops within five years if the major food companies invest in the technology the project uses.

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