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23 Sep 2014

Improvements to university-wide IT services

IT Services have implemented a series of improvements to support key University services, such as email and the admissions database, LUSI.

During October and November 2013, the provision of a number of key services was interrupted, resulting in major incidents with email, Agresso, LUSI, the University’s website, the CMIS timetabling system and iTrent (the HR and payroll system).

There were issues with speed and stability, which were due to an unexpected increase in demands on the server. Poor disk performance on an overly-stretched storage system resulted in an elevated risk of service disruption. Changes to key business systems had also been planned in isolation.

IT Services have adopted a multi-layered approach in response to these issues.

They have planned and commissioned a robust storage system with tiered support for key business services and have made significant progress in moving key services onto the improved infrastructure, resulting in improved stability and availability.

IT Services have also implemented a robust Change Management process to enhance how they deal with and effect technical changes. As a result, a Change Advisory Group, comprising representatives from both Schools and Professional Services, has been established to discuss and assist in planning major changes. All proposed development to University-wide IT systems are also considered in advance by a high-level IT Services committee which focuses on the impact on users.

You can see a schedule of all the planned IT changes on a special Outlook calendar. On the Calendar home tab, click on Open Calendar, then select Open Shared Calendar and type in Resource.Calendar.IT Services.Change