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6 Oct 2014

Britain could boast 100 per cent green electricity by 2050, says Loughborough wind power expert

Britain could generate all its electricity from renewable sources by 2050 if politicians grasp the nettle,according to a Loughborough University expert on wind energy.

Simon Watson, Professor of Wind Energy, says it is possible for wind, solar and water power to take over from nuclear, coal and gas within 36 years.

“There is no reason at all why we can’t be generating 100 per cent of our electricity needs from renewables by 2050,” said Professor Watson.

“But it’s down to political will and the social acceptability of it. Also, the fossil fuel lobby is very strong.

“Thirty six years is not a long time to complete the changeover, but think back to where we were in 1990 and how much renewable generation we had then.

“There was some small scale hydro, and renewables were at about two per cent of all electricity generated. Now it’s 15 per cent and it’s accelerating.”

Professor Watson was speaking ahead of his Inaugural Lecture at the university on Wednesday, October 8 when he will look at some of the main challenges facing wind energy.

The Lecture is entitled ‘Reap the Wild Wind’, and will be held in the lecture theatre T.003, in the Wolfson Building at 5pm. Tea, coffee and cake will be served from 4.30pm.

Professor Watson heads up the Wind and Water Power Research Team in CREST (Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology), which is part of the School of Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering.

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