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2 Oct 2014

Art project revisits University’s past craft traditions

The tradition of students helping to build and create the University campus is being revisited as part of a new art project by LU Arts, the University’s arts centre.

From the 1930s to 1970s, Loughborough’s students were expected to contribute to the production of furniture and stained glass on campus, and even designed and built the current cricket pavilion. Famous craftsman were employed to teach the students woodworking skills, which led to them producing beds, tables and benches, many of which remain in use today.

Amsterdam-based artist Maria Pask is now reviving the tradition in a new art project, Elementary Activities, commissioned by Radar, LU Arts’ development programme for contemporary art. Pask is teaching practical making skills to Loughborough’s current intake of Fine Art students from the School of the Arts which they will then use to create items for use in the University’s day-to-day life.

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