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20 Oct 2014

Library receives Customer Service Excellence standard

The University Library has been reaccredited for a further three years to the Government-backed Customer Service Excellence (CSE) standard.

The standard focuses particularly on delivery, timeliness, information, professionalism and staff attitude. It also places emphasis on developing customer insight, understanding the user’s experience and robust measurement of service satisfaction.

Library staff had to compile a portfolio of evidence to support the 57 different criteria in the standard and the external assessor met with partners across campus and students on his visit to get their perspective on the work the Library does. 

In his report, the assessor stated: “The corporate commitment to giving excellent customer service is very strong, with the Library placing the CSE standard as an essential part of their strategic plans and continuous improvement strategy. The latter is now seen as naturally embedded within the culture. The Library is seen as a beacon of innovation and best practice and an exemplar of excellent customer service.”

Matt Cunningham, the Library’s Customer Services Manager, comments: “It is extremely pleasing that the hard work put in by all the Library staff over the last 18 months has been recognised by an independent assessor. The Library can rightly feel extremely proud of the way it managed the refurbishment project and this has led to a further compliance plus element in our latest assessment, giving us a total of six areas where we are considered to have market leading approaches. We will continue to offer the best possible customer service to our users at all times so that we can support the ongoing aims of the University.”