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28 May 2014

Loughborough signs up to national project to encourage responsible drinking

Loughborough is one of seven universities that have signed up to a new project designed to encourage responsible drinking at universities across England and Wales.

The NUS Alcohol Impact project was launched on 27 May by the Government and National Union of Students.

Each of the universities participating in the 12-month pilot project will work towards accreditation under the scheme by promoting responsible alcohol policy and practice. Ultimately the aim is to reduce alcohol-fuelled crime and disorder and prevent health harms.

Accreditation will be awarded to universities which meet a set of criteria committing them to actions such as preventing alcohol-related initiation ceremonies, tackling student participation in pub crawls and monitoring anti-social behaviour.

Responsible drinking communications campaigns, formal training for university staff on the harm alcohol can cause and developing social alternatives to licensed premises are also among the criteria which the universities will work towards.

See the press release for more.