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Upp personal energy saving device with mobile phone

28 Jul 2014

Introducing Upp, portable clean energy at your fingertips, developed at the University

Intelligent Energy has developed the first ever fuel cell personal energy device for powering USB compatible electronics, here on the University’s Science and Enterprise Parks. University staff can exclusively buy Upp ahead of the global launch, for a third off its RRP.

Upp charges personal mobile devices as fast as the mains, to provide instant energy on the go. One fuel cell cartridge typically delivers 5 full charges to the most power-hungry smartphones. Intelligent Energy’s success in developing clean energy for the automotive, power generation and consumer electronics sectors is phenomenal and the University is immensely proud of the fact that the original fuel breakthrough took place on campus, in the 1980s.

University staff have the opportunity to buy this unique innovation for £99 (RRP £149), with unlimited fuel cell cartridges until the end of January 2015, for £25. (Ordinarily £9.95 per cartridge) Upp cartridge exchange points will be available at key sites on campus, including EHB Fuel Shop, and at the receptions of Hazlerigg, FM and Charnwood Building, and at Intelligent Energy’s HQ on the Science and Enterprise Park.

To find out more, visit the Upp website for details.