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4 Jul 2014

International workshop considers the energy challenges facing cities

Academics from across Europe have taken part in a two-day workshop at Loughborough as part of the Smart Cities research programme which focuses on the energy challenges facing cities.

With two-thirds of the world’s energy consumed in urban environments, increases in energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources have the potential to deliver significant reductions in emissions of carbon dioxide.  The Smart Cities programme is bringing together researchers to coordinate research activity across European reasearch institutions.  The programme is an initiative of the European Energy Research Alliance, a partnership of leading organisations in the field of energy research.

The workshop at Loughborough included updates on key research themes being undertaken as part of the Smart Cities programme.  It was an important networking opportunity.  Participants also had the opportunity to tour Loughborough’s impressive lab facilities focusing on building and building systems monitoring and performance testing equipment.

Joining Loughborough researchers at the workshop were academics from Universities throughout Europe including, Austria, Finland, Italy, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Spain and Norway. 

The event was co-ordinated by Dr Richard Buswell, Senior Lecturer in the Building Energy Research Group in the School of Civil and Building Engineering.