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15 Jul 2014

Loughborough obesity researchers appeal for volunteers

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Loughborough University researchers have appealed for as many volunteers as possible to take part in a study aimed at understanding how exercise affects how much people eat.

They want to establish a database of males for a study designed to help them in the fight against obesity.

Scientists know that variations in people’s genes can cause changes in the release of ghrelin, a hormone released by the gut that stimulates appetite. What they do not know is how exercise affects those genes.

By studying the effects of exercise on gut hormones and appetite in people with variations of obesity-related genes, they hope to be able to come up with effective treatments for obesity.

The researchers already have 100 volunteers but need more for their database. After an initial 60 minute consultation, some will be invited back for further visits involving exercise.

The study is being financed by Loughborough University and University College London at a time when obesity has reached epidemic levels.

Anyone interested should contact lead researcher James Dorling on or 07548844909. 

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