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9 Jul 2014

Loughborough academics getting a big laugh out of their research

Heard the one about 13 Loughborough University academics who did stand-up comedy based on their research - and lived to tell the tale?

It’s no joke, it actually happened, and five more will risk the comedian’s worst nightmare – dying on stage – at the Organ Grinder pub in Loughborough on the night of Thursday July 10 (7pm).

They will be performing at Loughborough’s very own Bright Club, a comedy club that originated at University College London in 2009 and has since swept the country - and even sprung up in Australia.

Loughborough have staged two, the first in January, and both sold out, each with an audience of about 70.

The idea of Bright Club is to promote engagement with the public and foster good relations. It has been described as a ‘thinking person’s comedy night’, and ‘where funny meets brains’.

Proceeds from the third Bright Club event will go to a charity called Engineers Without Borders (EWB), who sponsor placements and education for new engineers to empower them to tackle barriers to human development.

Donations can be made on the night or online at:

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