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23 Jul 2014

Which sport are you made for?

Netball player Thinkstock

Researchers from Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences have helped the BBC to devise an online test that allows people to determine which of the Commonwealth Games’ 22 sports they might be best at.

The light-hearted quiz is part of the BBC’s Get Inspired campaign, which was launched as part of the London 2012 legacy to encourage more people to participate in sport and activity.

The test is comprised of 13 questions which ask players to rate their physical and mental attributes on a scale of one to ten. Among the questions are ‘In terms of endurance, are you most like a tortoise or a hare?’, and ‘Are you as agile as a cat or more like a sloth?’

Once players have completed all of the questions, their three closest matched sports will be revealed, along with some sporting facts and figures.

Do the quiz and find out which sport you’re made for!

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