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3 Dec 2014

Charnwood Student Safety Campaign – Day 3

Today marks day three of Student Safety Week in Loughborough.  The campaign is designed to encourage students across the Borough to think about safety issues.

Thought of the Day – am I at risk of becoming a victim of crime?

Top tips to minimise the risk of becoming a victim of crime

  • Always lock your doors and windows before you leave your room on campus or your house if you live off campus.  If you live in a house don’t assume someone else will do this for you.
  • Don’t assume first floor windows are OK.  Some burglars are quite skilled at climbing!
  • Write your student ID number on all your valuables with a UV pen (they are really cheap to buy)
  • Visit and use it to register all of your valuables, so that you have a detailed record should any of them go missing
  • Don’t leave bags, coats, laptops or other valuables unattended in any public space
  • When on your way home always stick to main routes and well-lit areas and always travel with at least one other person.  If you have to travel alone, call a cab.  If using a cab always used a licensed taxi company.

Remember: Crime is low in Loughborough but by following these simple safety tips you will protect yourself and your belongings.