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2 Dec 2014

Charnwood Student Safety Campaign – Day 2

Today marks day two of Student Safety Week in Loughborough.  The campaign is designed to encourage students across the Borough to think about safety issues.

Thought of the day – am I drinking responsibly?

Top tips for responsible drinking

  • Eat before you go out (preferably carbohydrates)
  • Drink at the pace of the slowest drinker of the group
  • Don’t get involved in drinking games
  • Stick to clear drinks (they don’t contain congeners that can worsen the hangover)
  • Make your drinks last longer (add soda water or lemonade and avoid shots)
  • Drink at least one soft drink
  • Avoid rounds (they’re expensive and encourage drinking faster)
  • Never leave your drink unattended (you don’t know what might be put in it)

Did you know that:

  • A unit may be less than you think, with a standard ‘alcopop’ containing 1.5, one pint containing almost 3 and a double vodka containing 2 units.
  • People under the influence are more likely to get in fights, argue with friends, get mugged, suffer injuries, and be involved in road traffic accidents.
  • Alcohol is a depressant. It can trigger and exaggerate feelings of anxiety and depression, violence or self-harm.
  • The list of long-term problems associated with excessive drinking is endless, but to name just a few: cancer, liver disease, infertility, heart disease, stroke
  • There is plenty of information available to help understand drinking.  Check out these: and

Remember; at the end of Student Safety Week advice and enforcement activities will be taking place: you are more likely to get spoken to or even arrested whilst under the influence of alcohol.