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1 Dec 2014

Charnwood Student Safety Campaign – Day 1

Today marks day one of Student Safety Week in Loughborough.  The campaign is designed to encourage students across the Borough to think about safety issues.

Thought of the day – am I cycling safely?

Top ten things you can do to protect yourself and your bike:

  • Secure cycle storage is available on campus – this is the safest place to keep your bike.  Keep your bike in a shed or at least locked if you live off campus
  • Wear bright clothing
  • Wear a helmet
  • Wear reflective clothing
  • Always use lights after dark
  • Reflectors are not lights!
  • D locks are more secure than chains or cables
  • Register your bike with Security – it could make the difference of you getting it back if it is stolen
  • Obey the Highway Code
  • Pay attention to other road users

Did you know that:

  • You must not ride a cycle whilst under the influence of alcohol
  • Cyclists must obey all traffic lights and signs and use front and rear lights at night.
  • You should not ride a bike on the pavement
  • Riding without lights on campus may result in a fine

Remember: at the end of Student Safety Week you could be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice by the Police for offences related to cycling.