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11 Aug 2014

Parents – keep calm and stay positive during Clearing

Parent and child Image: Thinkstock

If you’re one of the thousands of parents who’s anxiously waiting for your son or daughter’s exam results, or you know someone else who is, we’ve put together a few words of advice to help guide you through the Clearing and Adjustment period.

  • Ensure your child is available on results day to make calls and research courses if necessary
  • Advise your son or daughter to check the status of their application on UCAS Track before doing anything else on results day. Remind them to have their login details to hand.
  • While students have to act promptly there’s no reason to panic. Stress that they should consider what is offered carefully.
  • Stay positive and support your son or daughter in identifying universities with places available.
  • While they read up on the course, you could perhaps research the distance from home and the cost of living in a particular area, or the accommodation on offer. You could also suggest a road trip to their new university town for a look around.
  • And last but not least, visit our Clearing website and bring your son or daughter to Loughborough's Open house on Saturday 16 August.