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3 Aug 2014

New Staff Development courses

Staff Development are offering a range of new courses for 2014-15.

Difficult Conversations – 17 September 2014 and 12 November 2014

For those who manage staff and may be required to deliver challenging news, tough messages or engage in difficult conversations.

Difficult conversation scenarios may include tackling personality clashes, work management issues, personal problems and resistance to change. This three-hour course will equip you with practical and effective techniques to address difficult issues with honesty, clarity and integrity whilst managing the powerful emotions that can often arise. The course isn't designed to specifically address formal performance issues and disciplinary situations.

Performance Management – 18 September 2014 and 27 November 2014

For managers and team leaders.

Managing performance is often seen as a challenging part of the management role. When done effectively, however, it can boost individual and team morale and make already good performance great. This practical session will give managers and leaders the confidence to deal with both good and poor performance effectively in line with strategic aims.

Reserve your place on these or any of Staff Development’s courses via my.HR Click on the Learning button on the left hand column of the my.HR homepage.