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29 Aug 2014

Companies reward student engineering excellence

Increased recognition and support from businesses means high-achieving students at Loughborough University’s Wolfson School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering gained additional prizes at this year’s summer graduation.

The prizes are awarded to each year’s best students for individual and group projects, overall academic merit for a specific year or the entire course, and outstanding performance while on an industrial placement.

New prizes supported and created this year were testament to the School’s strong regional, national and international reputation among leading businesses for the quality of its students and graduates and the relevance to industry of its degree courses.

In addition to existing external prize supporters including adidas, JCB Excavators Ltd, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, and the Institution of Engineering and Technology, the School and the University’s Development and Alumni Relations Office (DARO) recently helped bring in new backers.

“The success of manufacturing in the UK – and ultimately the recovery of the UK economy – relies upon being able to recruit young people with the desired skill sets together with a good work ethic,” said Leigh Carnes, Operations Director of one new supporter, The Manufacturing Technology Centre. “We believe it is important to reward young people who demonstrate significant talent and commitment in these vital disciplines which underpin the UK manufacturing sector.”

Dr Paul Adcock, Director of Research and Technology at Intelligent Energy, another new supporter, said: “The foundations of our business today were built out of the University and we feel it’s very important to be able to show our support and continued commitment.”

Some existing supporters also increased their commitment to the Prizes this year. Dr Tim Lucas, Engineering Director at adidas, said: “To encourage the next generation of talents, we recently increased our support for the Sports Technology Overall Merit and Project Prizes. This increase is in recognition of the importance we place on connecting ourselves directly to top emerging individuals in the discipline of sports technology.”

These Prizes bring significant benefits to students’ hard work and encourage continued effort. They can help guide students and graduates in deciding what direction their future careers might take. Read the news article for more.