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9 Apr 2014

Evidence from CRSP cited in landmark High Court ruling

Authoritative evidence from Loughborough’s Donald Hirsch from The Centre for Research in Social Policy has been cited in landmark ruling of High Court on low levels of benefits for asylum seekers.

In an announcement made today (Wednesday 9 April) the High Court has found that the low level of benefits for asylum seekers set by the Home Secretary are illegal, due to an irrational basis for setting them.

Evidence given by Donald on CRSP’s minimum income standards work was cited in the judgement and had a significant influence on the ruling.  The evidence given showed that the decision on asylum seekers benefits had not reflected the cost of essentials in the way it claimed to, and nor had it accounted properly for the increasing cost of living.

The legal action was launched by the charity Refugee Action and Donald’s evidence was given as evidence as part of their challenge

It is extremely rare that a judge overrules an administrative decision about benefits in this way.

Further information on the case and outcome is available online