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Hands on experience

2 Apr 2014

A “hands on” experience for Lent

A series of 40 hands have been placed across the campus as part of the Centre for Faith and Spirituality’s celebration of Lent.

Artist and University Free Church chaplain Jo Leatherland took hand casts from a range of staff and students in a variety of different poses – one for each day of Lent. These have been placed in different settings across campus including in the Garden of Remembrance gazebo, in the Brockington flower bed and a tree outside the Sir John Beckwith Building.

Staff and students are being encouraged to seek out the hands which all include a message inviting us to reflect about Lent and the different ways we use our hands. Photos of your findings can be posted on the Centre for Faith and Spirituality Facebook page.

As part of the 'hands on' experience, a display featuring many of the bible’s hand references has been placed in the Chapel and  40 posters featuring these hands have also been put up around the campus.

The hands are available to view around campus until w/c 14 April. Weather permitting, a special ‘hands on’ service is being held outside on Wednesday 14 May at 12.30pm to explore and reflect on the hands’ journeys and how they relate to Jesus and his own journey.