One Small Change

Tuesday 11 July 2023
9am - 4pm

The annual Learning and Teaching Conference will take place on Tuesday 11 July both online and in person. This year the conference theme is ‘One Small Change’.

Inspired by the University Strategy, the conference provides an opportunity to consider how small changes can have a big impact on learning experiences and pedagogic practice that benefit both the student and staff experience.

The conference is an opportunity to hear from and network with colleagues across the University as we share examples of best practice, discuss ideas and experiences, and find new methods to add to the learning and teaching toolkit.

Event Programme

TimeActivityLocationOnline link
9.15am - 9.45am Registration and refreshments Exhibition Area  
9.45am - 10.15am

Keynote - Education and Student Experience Priorities

Professor Rachel Thomson
Pro Vice Chancellor (Education and Student Experience)

WPT.002 / Online

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10.15am - 10.45am

Keynote - AI Powered Universities

Professor Nick Jennings CB, FREng, FRS
Vice-Chancellor and President (Loughborough University)

WPT.002 / Online Join session
10.45am - 11am Break Exhibition Area  
11am - 11.40am

Spotlight on Inclusivity

Chris McLeod, Emily Segaran, Lisa Brooks-Lewis and Helen Shaw will showcase work and explore inclusive learning and teaching practices.

WPT.002 / Online Join session
11.40am - 12.45pm

Lightning Presentations

Room A
  • Gamification - F2F, Online, Synchronous? A Case Study Comparison – Chris Wilson
  • RefBuddy: A new approach to teaching referencing - Anje Conradie and Peter Hortor
  • Providing individual assessment feedback for exams using the INDAF app: a pilot within Loughborough Business School - Katherine Martin
  • Game-Informed Teaching Related to Net-Zero and Sustainability - Xiangjie Chen, Richard Blanchard, Tom Betts
WPT.002 / Online Join session
Room B
  • Designing Digital Assessments – Clare Hutton
  • Podcasts as creative assessments - Jo Tacchi
  • The Disproportionately Impactful Transformation of Authentic Assessment in a Comprehensive and Revolutionary Review of Physics Degree Programmes - Mark Everitt
  • ‘Inside Out: Externality as a strategy to cultivate transferable skills, dynamic learning environments and diverse experiences - Phil Barber
WPT.001 / Online Join session
Room C (WPTH003)
  • SSEHS Scholarship and Teaching Group: Supporting scholarship, professional development and career progression among University Teachers - Hilary McDermott
  • Integrating the sustainable development goals into teaching: small steps for meaningful change - Ines Varela-Silva, Nik Hunt
  • Shifting the kaleidoscope; a repository of targeted learning materials to support students on their modules via academic staff - Marie Hanlon
  • iREAD: Creating an immersive core reading experience through pedagogically enhanced PDFs – Anthony Papathomas
WPT.003 / Online Join session
12.45pm - 1.45pm Lunch and networking
1.45pm - 3.15pm


Choice of one session from:

Making Group Work Accessible For All (WPT005)

Sarah Bamforth and Helen Shaw

Group work can be a valuable learning and teaching experience for students, developing team working skills and fostering a sense of community. Group work can, however, also create barriers and challenges for students. This practical workshop offers the space to consider these challenges from an EDI perspective, and how we can be inclusive in the design and support of group work activity to enable equity of opportunity particularly to our students with disabilities and mental health conditions.

Empowering University Education with Generative AI: A Hands-On Workshop (WPT008)

Firat Batmaz, Sara Saravi, Hossein Nevisi, Yanning Yang, Parisa Derakhshan, Mohamad Saada

This workshop aims to explore the continually evolving capabilities of Generative AI and its promising applications within the sphere of higher education. Recognized as one of the most powerful technologies of the 21st century, Generative AI, as embodied by models like ChatGPT, holds a plethora of opportunities for enhancing both teaching and learning experiences.

Bring a laptop to this practical workshop, which intends to delve into the transformative potential of such technologies, discussing their impact on teaching practices and proposing strategies for ensuring positive student engagement. Throughout the session, participants will be actively encouraged to share and discuss insights into how Generative AI can be harnessed to augment curriculum delivery, streamline student-teacher communication, and foster a more engaging and personalized learning environment.

Enhancing Flipped Learning with Branching Scenarios (WPT004)

John Warren

Flipped learning is a pedagogical technique that describes inverting traditional classroom-based learning. With information-transmission teaching being done outside of the classroom, in advance of the formal session.

In HE the flipped learning approach is often supported by inclusion of online instructional videos. However, its possible that this simply replaces taught instruction in class with passive observation online and does not promote the desired engagement or prepare students appropriately for the in-class activities.

One small change we can make is to prepare pre-class resources that require engagement and interaction. This can be achieved with “branching scenarios” where a series of multimedia resources are strung together with decision points allowing for alternative scenarios to play out, creating a more participatory and experiential learning activity.

Bring a laptop to this practical workshop where we will explore the creation of multimedia branching scenario resources with H5P to create a better flipped learning experience.

Change the perspective on feedback: moving from advice to coaching-style questions (WPT006)

Dr Amanda Harrington

Do you want to improve your 1-2-1 feedback discussions with students? This workshop gives you that opportunity.

This interactive workshop reviews some of the basics about coaching and feedback through:

  • A video of (some of) a personal tutorial with an UG student
  • A live demonstration of a coaching-style feedback session with a student in the room

Some volunteer students will also be attending the workshop, bringing with them written coursework feedback that they would like to think more about. In the practice session, you will work with a student to help them understand their feedback so that they identify appropriate actions to take.

This means you might be paired with a student from a discipline different from your own. This really will not matter. Your role will be to enable the student to make sense of the feedback. You do not have to know the subject.

We will then review the feedback sessions, staff and students together, to identify what we have learnt and how we want to move forward with that learning.

1.45pm - 3.15pm
"One small change, one giant leap for accessibility." (online only)

Lee Barnett, Matt Aldred

Join our online, hands-on session to gain a solid understanding of accessibility fundamentals in Learn and Microsoft 365. This proactive approach will empower you to enhance your teaching and create an inclusive virtual learning environment. Delivered by colleagues from TEL and SWAI, this session provides a wider context and an in-depth exploration of the available accessibility tools.

Online Join session
3.15pm - 3.40pm

Student panel

WPT.002 / Online Join session
3.40pm - 4pm

Networking and close

Exhibition Area