IT upgrade project

About the project

Hands using a laptop

A range of new IT products and services are on the way.

You’ll benefit from them by being able to work flexibly, efficiently and collaboratively – as well as reliably and securely – both on and off campus.

The move follows a university-wide consultation carried out in 2015 to unify existing services and replace them with the most modern systems available today.

These changes will involve everyone at the University with a desk or laptop computer.  In effect it’s a complete upgrade of the IT systems at the University. 

These changes include:

  • Windows 10 – Microsoft’s most up-to-date computer operating system.
  • Office 2016 – the most recent versions of the office software you regularly use including Word, Excel and Power Point.
  • OneDrive – a new place for you to store your documents and other files that provides unlimited storage.
  • Office 365 – an online version of the Office software suite and a range of new ones.
  • Encryption – added security for laptop users.
  • Google services: Google products and services will be discontinued by June 2019.