Values, principles and purpose

The BAME Staff network is one of a number of staff support groups recognised by Human Resources and Organisational Development so that members can support each other, raise any concerns and influence the University’s People Strategy.

You are warmly welcomed to become part of a community that is positively raising the profile of black and minority ethnic cultures on campus.

What are our values and principles?

  1. We understand racism as a reality that impacts the daily experiences of staff and students at Loughborough University.
  2. We believe that every staff member and student is responsible for challenging institutional racism and cultural discrimination as soon as we notice it, particularly those staff and students from the majority racial group.
  3. We recognise that, although at different stages of understanding, all members of the University community are on an ongoing process of learning about how to both recognise and challenge racism from an individual to institutional level.

What is our purpose?

Promote University wide change

  • Ensure that issues of racism and cultural diversity are a fundamental part of the University’s governance.
  • Collectively hold the University accountable to its stated commitment to a zero-tolerance environment for all inappropriate or discriminatory behaviours. 
  • Create new, and encourage the expansion of existing, anti-racist initiatives to challenge institutional racism.
  • Maintain a forum for positively raising the profile of black and minority ethnic culture on campus.

Support and celebrate Black and Minority Ethnic staff

  • Provide a safe environment for BAME staff to discuss issues pertaining to racism and cultural discrimination at Loughborough University and wider society.
  • Accept the validity of the individual accounts from BAME staff and students who disclose their experiences of racism.
  • While respectful of the need to protect members’ anonymity, the group will inform senior management at the University of trends, hotspots and incidents of racist behaviour (both direct and indirect) at Loughborough University.

Support Black and Minority Ethnic students

  • Support students from these background through the work carried out in the Student’s Union by liaising with the Welfare and Diversity Executive Officer, the Ethnic Minorities Committee and other student committees and societies as relevant
  • Hold the University to account on its Access and Participation Plan; to ensure that the widening participation agenda leads to improved access for BAME students; and to push for equal outcomes for BAME students on attainment, placements and employment.
  • Provide guidance and support for students who experience racist incidents at the University.
  • Support the work of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Sub-Committee and Advisory Forum and the Race Equity Working Group in implementing the Race Equality Charter Action Plan, including the gathering of BAME statistics and decolonisation of curricula.

What are our aspirations?

To co-create a university environment in which: 

  • all members of the university community have opportunities to develop social and emotional awareness about the impact of racism on themselves, on others and on social systems
  • there are anti-racist working environments and management practices
  • there is sector-leading anti-racist teaching, learning and student experience
  • anti-racist practice is an active part of Loughborough University’s mission and values, evidenced by ownership in all schools and professional departments

Our three key action areas

Staff - photo James


This Action Area is led by James Esson.

To collectively hold the University accountable to its stated commitment to challenge racism and discrimination whenever identified.

Staff photo - Hiten


This Action Area is led by Hiten Patel

Actively recognise the range of cultures across campus through social events; highlight the achievements of BAME staff

Staff photo - Veronica

Wellbeing and Professional Development

This Action Area is led by Veronica Moore.

Provide a range of informal and formal opportunities for BAME colleagues to identify, address and achieve their wellbeing and career needs and goals.