Staff spotlight

Staff photo - Alan


I joined the University in February 2018 as a HR Officer, with responsibilities for the recruitment and selection of academic staff. I really enjoy my role, which calls for working closely with line managers, candidates, and departmental colleagues.

I first became aware of the BAME Staff Network upon its re-launch in November 2018 and have been active member of the group ever since.  Being part of the Network has given me the space to openly discuss racial issues with like-minded people and an opportunity to influence race equality within the university.  To this end, I helped organise the Cultural Fair in May 2019 and the successful Diwali Dinner and Dance celebration, which was sold out with over three hundred attending. 

Being a member of the BAME Staff Network has empowered me as a person; and I look forward to participating in the next steps of the Network’s journey. Committed to challenging racism and discrimination, we seek to have a positive impact in achieving meaningful equality, diversity and inclusion within the University and across the wider Loughborough community.

Staff photo - Bianca


Throughout my time in academia, I have founded it fulfilling to have a community to share and discuss the unifying lived experience of being black and minority ethnic as often that unique and comforting perspective is invaluable. When I joined Loughborough University 3 years ago, I was happy to have found that safe space in the Black and Minority Ethnic Staff Group.

Staff photo - Hemisha


Being part of the BAME staff group has provided me with a community of colleagues who have the same, if not similar lived experiences to myself. Colleagues can therefore understand issues and challenges I have experienced, and these experiences can be shared in a safe and supportive space. The BAME staff group is an excellent group to join not only for support, but to be part of the change we want to see at Loughborough in relation in to race equality. It is also a great place to meet new people, make new friends and enjoy the social and cultural celebrations organised.