Information for parents, carers, and guardians

Given the current circumstances, we recognise that as a parent, guardian or carer of a student that is currently attending university, you are likely to have some worries and concerns about their safety and wellbeing.

The way we care for our community has always been essential to what we do here at Loughborough. Whether your student is attending university for the first time, or they are returning to us following a significant break caused by the pandemic, their safety and wellbeing is our top priority.

We’ve had to put in place major changes to the way in which we operate, whilst also developing flexible plans that allow us to adapt quickly as and when changes happen.

We have been impressed by the responsible behaviour our students continue to display and their willingness to follow advice and guidance to keep our community safe.

We want you to feel confident in our approach and enable you to support your family member at university during these unprecedented times.

We thank all parents, guardians and carers for their patience and support at this time.

This page will provide you with information on the following:

What we are doing to keep students safe and well
The procedures we have in place to deal with positive cases and self-isolation
What we expect from our students
The latest updates that have been sent to students
Useful resources to support mental wellbeing
Key information points students may need to access on returning to university
Key contacts


Here are the key information sources that explain how the University is currently operating during the pandemic; current advice and guidance for staying safe; procedures for self-isolation and positive results; and all COVID-19 communications.

Studying and living on campus Advice for students if they have symptoms Self-isolation FAQs Latest updates from the University Connect and Protect Rules and current restrictions LSU Coronavirus Hub

Key resources for students

As part of our support to students, we regularly communicate with them to share key information and resources that may be of use to them.

Students can also access a wealth of resources via our website. We’ve highlighted some of these resources below, so that you are aware of what is available to your family member, should they need support in a particular area. The topics below relate to the common questions and concerns students have when starting at Loughborough University.

Students can also access support from their School or department, as well as through Loughborough Students’ Union in the form of course reps and a peer support programme.

Key contacts

Not from Loughborough?

These resources will provide you with information on any specific restrictions and guidance that applies in Loughborough and the surrounding areas, as well as further support points for your family member.