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Update for Undergraduate Students - 15 September

Dear Student,

On Friday you were sent an email from the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Teaching) providing information on arrangements for the new academic year. You can read the content of that email here.

You were advised the University has put in place a range of measures and procedures to help everyone feel safe on campus, and you are encouraged to read the plans which have been made. Further details will be provided shortly specifically in relation to teaching sessions.

You were also advised that exceptionally the University is able to offer returning students a limited flexibility to start the year on a remote study basis. If you have read the information about campus safety and are still considering applying to start the year on a remote study basis you are strongly advised to read all the information provided carefully and ensure you are clear on the academic implications of your decision to ensure it is the best option in your circumstances. If you need any further information before making your decision, you should speak to your School.

You are reminded that you should aim to be available to attend teaching from 5th October onwards, however if you can provide evidence that you are planning to arrive and attend in person by the beginning of week 3 of teaching (19th October 2020) this will normally be acceptable if you have a good reason (travel or health issues) and inform the University of your plans.

If you are applying for remote study because of exceptional health related issues your application and evidence will be considered by the University’s Student Wellbeing and Inclusivity team, who will work in collaboration with your School to assess whether your request can be accommodated.

If you are applying for remote study because of travel issues or general concerns about attending, your application will be considered by your School who will assess whether your request can be accommodated.

I am pleased to advise you that you are now able to apply to study remotely online. You can find the link to make your application here.

The deadline for making a request to study remotely is Tuesday 22nd September. The decision on your request will be communicated to you by your School.