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Update for students - 29 September 2021

From the Chief Operating Officer: Covid measures on campus

Dear Students

With the new term beginning shortly, I want to remind you of the Covid-related measures we have in place on campus that will help everyone to keep as safe as possible and help you to make the most of your Loughborough experience.

Face coverings and social distancing

You should wear a face covering when moving around buildings. We’d also like you to wear face coverings when you’re sitting in classes. If members of staff ask you to wear a face covering in their teaching class, please respect their wishes.

There are still some physical distancing measures in place around the campus, such as Perspex screens at reception points.

Face coverings and physical distancing are still some of the best ways to make sure you’re helping to protect others, particularly those who may be more vulnerable.


You must take a lateral flow test at our on-site Test Centre, which is located in the Martial Arts Centre (building 50 in the Village Park area of the campus map), before accessing any facilities or buildings on the campus. If you have moved into hall, you should already have done this. Lateral flow tests can be booked via our Connect and Protect service.

You will then need to take another lateral flow test 3 days after you took your first at our Test Centre. If you forget, our Covid team will get in touch to remind you. 

You’ll also have to book and take weekly tests at our Test Centre throughout the autumn term. 

If any of your lateral flow test results are positive, you’ll need to book a confirmation PCR test through our Connect and Protect service. These tests are done at the Wavy Top building (building 72 on the Central Park area of the campus map).

If you have tested positive for Covid within 90 days of arriving on campus, your lateral flow test may detect the residue of this infection. To ensure you can access facilities on the campus, please bring proof of your previous positive test and email to let them know, if this applies to you.

We check to make sure all our students are being regularly tested. Those who are not are not allowed access to University facilities.


We’d strongly encourage you to get the Covid vaccination so you can enjoy the student experience to the full. 

If you’ve had two doses of the Covid vaccine, and at least 14 days has elapsed since your second dose, you won’t have to isolate if are identified as a close contact of someone who has tested positive. So, if you’re fully vaccinated, you’d be able to continue attending classes, taking part in sport or other leisure activities, mixing with others and making the most of university life. You are also likely to need to show proof of your vaccination status before you will be able to enter the Students’ Union club nights.

To make it really easy for you to get vaccinated, we’re hosting a series of pop-up clinics on campus. They’ll be in the Pilkington Library. The clinics will be held on the following days:

Wednesday 29th September, until 6pm

Thursday 30th September, 11am-6pm

Saturday 9th October, 12 noon-7pm

Sunday 10th October, 12 noon-6pm

You should book an appointment via the NHS’s Swiftqueue system. You can also drop-in to the vaccine centre.

More information on vaccines for both UK-based and international students, and how to book them, is available on the Covid vaccinations page of our website.

International travel

From 4am on 4th October the rules for international travel to England will change. If you are intending to travel into England after 4th October we strongly recommend that you familiarise yourself with these changes, which are set out on the Government website. Advice is also available from our Connect and Protect service

Richard Taylor

Chief Operating Officer