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Update for students - 28 October

Dear Students,

Today the Government announced that Charnwood will move into Tier 2 of Covid restrictions from the early hours (12.01am) of Saturday (31stOctober). This means that everyone living within Loughborough and the other areas within Charnwood will be subject to tighter regulations. Details of the restrictions in Tier 2 are available on the Government website. This move is not unexpected. The University’s London Campus is already in an area operating at Tier 2.

Approximately one third of the cases in Charnwood are in the University area. Two-thirds are elsewhere in the Borough.

Under Tier 2, teaching and sport at the University will continue to operate in the same way as they currently are. You will need to continue to follow the requirements that have been previously set out on this issue.

The main difference in the Tier 2 restrictions relates to socialising. You will no longer be able to socialise with anyone outside of your household in any indoor setting. This includes your home, hall of residence or any public place such as bars and restaurants. Outdoors, the Rule of Six applies.

From Saturday onwards, if you go to public spaces such as bars and restaurants, you may be required to prove that you and your friends are all members of the same household. You may be challenged as Tier 2 restrictions are legally enforceable. To prove your household, if you live in a hall, you should wear the wristband you were given at the start of the academic. year. If you live off-campus, you may wish to carry a formal proof of term time address such as a utility bill.

Your behaviour since arriving at the University has been, amongst the vast majority, excellent. Even with the change to Tier 2 we are at a level lower than many other areas and this is, in no small part, due to student behaviour at Loughborough. Thank you again for following the rules and regulations both on and off campus. Please continue to do so by complying with the Tier 2 restrictions and following our updated 7 Golden Rules. I am confident that if everyone at the University continues to behave appropriately we shall see measures eased.

If you are a commuter student, then you are still allowed to travel to our campuses for the purposes of education to attend in-person teaching sessions.

I appreciate that the move to Tier 2 may be unsettling for some of you. Please remember that there is help available if you feel you would benefit from some support.

Thank you again for your support, understanding, and responsible behaviour.

Kind wishes

Richard Taylor
Chief Operating Officer