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Update to students - 22 May at 9.30am

Dear Students,

Today marks the last day of Week 12, revision week. Many of you have already submitted coursework over the last few weeks, including major projects and dissertations, which are huge achievements. Well done! I know that you are all working incredibly hard towards the remote assessments, which begin next Tuesday, 26th May 2020.

I emailed you last week, on 14th May, with a detailed brief about the remote assessment process and how to access support if you have any concerns. This email is a summary of the key actions you must take.

  • You should download the exam paper for each of your exams from your Learn Timeline or the relevant module page, from the exam start time on your timetable.
  • Once you have completed your paper, upload your work as one single PDF file - instructions how to do this are available here.
  • The PDF must be labelled with your Student ID/registration number, followed by the module code and then ‘Exam’ reference (unless you are advised otherwise). 
  • Include your ID number (but not your name) at the top of each page and number the pages of the material you plan to submit.
  • You have received an email from inviting you to practice on your School’s test site. I would encourage you to do this over the next few days, if you haven’t already, so you are well prepared and know what to expect on the day.

If you have problems downloading the exam paper or uploading your answers, you can call the Telephone Hotline 01509 222900 between 8am and 6pm UK (BST) time, Monday to Friday.

If you are not able to call, please email from your University account including your student ID number and module code. The email account will be monitored during the same hours above.

Full details of the remote exam arrangements are also available here.

Please remember that your answers must be entirely your own work. You must not use answers and/or content provided by others. You must not share information or discuss how to interpret or do the questions with anyone else whilst you or they are taking the exam or share the papers/questions with anyone through any means of communication.

If you are genuinely concerned that you may experience technical difficulties with your IT connection where you are currently based, we have a limited number of spaces on campus where you could take your assessments. These spaces must be booked in advance. Please email to see if you might be eligible to reserve one of these spaces.

Just to remind continuing students that if you haven’t yet selected your module choices for the next academic year, then please do so before the window closes this Sunday 24th May. The module choice system can be accessed here.

Thank you for your continuing patience as we have had to move to online teaching and assessment. It only remains for me to give you my best wishes for your forthcoming assessments, and I very much hope that your hard work is rewarded when you receive your results.

Kind regards,

Rachel Thomson
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Teaching)