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Update to students - 19 March at 3.30pm

Dear Students,

As promised, I am writing to provide more information about the forthcoming Semester 2 exam period.

Following the UK Government decision last night that in England and Wales all school exams in May and June will not now take place, including GCSEs and A-levels, we have now decided that we will not hold Semester 2 examinations in their normal format in May and June.

It is important to note that assessments will be going ahead, and students should continue with their studies, but we will be making changes to their formats.

We are working through the detail at the moment for every module which has exams. We are considering a range of options open to us for remote assessments. This will ensure that any student who is unable to return to the UK is able to sit appropriate assessments. These will be appropriate for your subject, and therefore we are also considering changing the nature of some assessments where this is appropriate.

We want to be able to provide accurate and useful information for all of our students, and therefore we will confirm to students no later than 12 noon on Friday 27th March what the arrangements will be.

Please note that existing coursework deadlines remain in force unless you are told otherwise and if you have a deadline coming up, you should submit your work on-line as normal, unless advised otherwise.

Each module is being carefully considered in respect of both exam and coursework deadlines. It is possible that we will move back some coursework deadlines to take into account the changes that we have made to teaching delivery because we do understand that learning on-line is a new experience for many students. We will let you know as soon as we can if there are any changes to coursework deadlines.

It is possible that given the above changes, our exam board dates will be slightly later than planned, however, we will keep you informed as to when you can expect your results to be available.

Please note that if you wish to submit a Mitigating Circumstances claim in the future relating to the Coronavirus, you will not be required to provide supporting medical evidence for any illness, and you should not seek such evidence from the University Medical Centre, or from any other medical service, at the current time. Further details can be found on our FAQs.

Finalists - Please be reassured that we will be able to award degrees this summer. We will also ensure that nothing we do disadvantages a student in respect of their degree outcome.

Similarly, we will ensure that every student has the opportunity to attend a graduation ceremony. We are keeping the ceremony dates under close review and will let you know as early as possible of any changes to the dates.

Get the latest information

The Learn page for each module will continue to be the definitive source of information about your learning and teaching opportunities and associated assessments. Please look at it frequently!

Please keep checking our Coronavirus web pages and monitor your University email account. If you have a question that isn’t answered in the FAQs, please email

Student Support

We are in the process of adding resources to our Learning Remotely help page which you might find useful.

Students who are anxious can consult the Student FAQs or email to if there are any questions which are not answered in the FAQs. There are also useful resources available from the mental health charity Mind that you can access.

You may also like to engage with the Personal Best resources, which include digital fluency, collaborative working and mental wellbeing. You can also try out our new digital badges to evidence your skills and qualify for an additional award.

I appreciate and understand the concerns of the student body in the light of the current situation. I know that there will be challenges ahead, but we are here to do everything we can to support you to succeed in your studies, and future careers.

Please try to focus on your studies as best you can and remember there is a huge amount of support for you across the whole of the #Lborofamily.

Professor Rachel Thomson
Pro Vice-Chancellor for Teaching