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Update to students - 17 June at 11.20am

Dear Students,

Today is the last day of term. I want to take a few moments to reflect on the academic year. The last few months have been challenging for everyone. Nonetheless, we should all look back over 2019/20 with a sense of pride. For a start, just think of what you have achieved in these unprecedented times.

Many of you have taken exams over the last few weeks and I am aware that some of you still have your final assessment to complete. Your approach to everything since the Prime Minister announced lock down on 23rd March has been characterised by determination, professionalism and integrity: well done. I am sure that all your hard work will be rewarded.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic emerged, our resilience has been tested to the full. We have made huge modifications to the way in which the University operates, and you have had to change and adapt in so many ways. On behalf of my colleagues and I, thank you for your understanding and your co-operation. We could not have asked for more from you.

To those of you who are completing your studies with us this month, I wish you all the very best, whatever you are doing next. We have put together a finalists’ website to bring together details of the ways in which you can remain connected to Loughborough in the future, as well as the practical steps you now need to take. I do think that there is something in particular this year that will define the graduating class in the future. It is characterised by your adaptability, tenacity and resilience. All will stand you in good stead as you progress into employment and through life. Right now, I hope that some of you will return to the University next year, in London or Loughborough, to continue postgraduate study. Please do have a look at the site.

In my email on 7th May, I advised you that we shall hold your graduation in the week commencing 12th April 2021. By then we anticipate the worst of the current crisis will be over. International travel will be readily allowed, we stand a good chance of fine weather and Lord Sebastian Coe, our Chancellor, will join us to award degrees. LSU have confirmed that the Graduation Ball will go ahead that week. Everyone at the University looks forward to seeing you again and sharing your very special graduation day with you, your families and friends.

To those of you returning to the University in the autumn, I look forward to welcoming you back. I wrote to you on 2nd June outlining our plans for the 2020/21 academic year. If you have not yet looked at the information, please do so. We are at an advanced stage of planning to put in place all the modifications that will allow us to re-open safely. We shall keep you informed of our progress over the summer. Please do check your University email periodically to ensure you have the most up-to-date information.

When you reflect on this academic year, focus on your many successes and achievements. Life has been unexpectedly very different from anything we have experienced before. Your resilience and spirit have shone through. All that remains is for me to say, one final time, thank you for everything you have done.

Professor Bob Allison