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Update for students - 7 October

Dear Students,

Following the message from the Vice-Chancellor on Monday, I am writing with an important update ahead of this weekend for students on our Loughborough campus. It is really important that you read this message carefully and discuss it in your households.

Thank you

Thank you for all you are doing to keep our community safe. We do have cases of Covid-19 associated with the University and are being transparent. They are published here.

Our rates remain lower than at other universities for now and this is down to the responsible behaviour you have shown and willingness to follow the Seven Golden Rules. It’s really important we all continue to follow these rules to keep our community safe.

Visits and visitors

It is important that we are a closed community this weekend as much as is possible. With Covid rates in universities in cities such as Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Exeter, Nottingham and Newcastle now into the many hundreds, I urge you to act responsibly and not visit, or have visitors until rates decrease. Many of these areas are subject to additional government restrictions and rules on mixing and movement.

Information for students self-isolating

Information for students self-isolating is published here and has been updated today.

Very importantly it contains additional information about accessing teaching and learning whilst you are self-isolating so you can continue to engage with your studies if you are able to do so.

Please use the contact information we have supplied you with in case you have important questions.

Please share this information with your parents or guardians who also have, understandably, been asking questions about arrangements.


If you are symptomatic with possible Covid-19, or have had a positive test, please be in touch with the University’s Connect and Protect service. The team can offer you support and advice, and also help facilitate testing in some circumstances.

If you are asked to self-isolate you can find out more about the support available here.

VC Bob and other senior colleagues will be on campus this weekend to support our students. Please come and say hello as you see us around.


Richard Taylor
Chief Operating Officer