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Update for staff - 28 January 2021

Dear Colleagues,

You will hopefully find it helpful to have sight of an email that I sent to our students today. It is copied to you at the end of this message.

In summary, what I have said is that classroom-based teaching will remain online until 1st March 2021 at the earliest. We will issue an update on or around 15th February outlining any changes that will apply for the final four weeks of term (1st to 26th March). Any classroom-based sessions which you have planned to teach in person should now be delivered as a live, interactive, online session.

The message to students also signals who can return to the campus and when that can happen. We are prioritising disciplines highlighted by the Government, finalists in practical subjects where there could be a risk to their final year projects if they do not return and individuals where there are acute personal reasons which mean it is in their best interests to be at the University. The specific details for each cohort are being worked through on a School-by-School basis. All students will be sent further details in the next few days.

It is now necessary for us to extend the teaching period after Easter. This will allow ‘catch-up’ in practical disciplines and other activities necessary to deliver learning outcomes and robust assessments. The detail will again be down to individual Schools.

With schools remaining closed until March, those with children and other caring responsibilities will continue to face considerable challenges. For every member of staff, the first priority must be the health and wellbeing of family and loved ones. All I ask is that you continue to do the best that you can, given the current circumstances. Managers and doctoral supervisors will be reasonable, flexible and sympathetic with individuals, given the current circumstances. Please access the resources on our Mind, Body and Soul website and note that we will be sharing further resources over the coming weeks.

My January newsletter will be circulated tomorrow and I offer some further reflections there on us supporting each other as part of the wider Loughborough University community.

Yours sincerely,

Professor Bob Allison


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