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Update to postgraduate taught students - 22 June at 4pm

Dear Postgraduate Taught Students,

Now that term has ended, I want to take a few moments to reflect on the year to date and to consider the summer period, during which you will all be continuing with your degree programme. A number of you also continue to be resident either in Loughborough or in London.

The last few months have been challenging for everyone. Nonetheless, we should all look back over 2019/20 with a sense of pride. Just think of what you have achieved in these unprecedented times. Your approach to everything since the Prime Minister announced lock down on 23rd March has been characterised by determination, professionalism and integrity: well done. I am sure that all your hard work will be rewarded.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic emerged, our resilience has been tested to the full. We have made huge modifications to the way in which the University operates, and you have had to change and adapt in so many ways. On behalf of my colleagues and me, thank you for your understanding and your co-operation. We could not have asked for more from you.

Many of you will now be working on your final project/dissertation. Colleagues across Schools have already put arrangements in place to ensure that you will be able to complete a substantive and worthwhile project and complete your studies within the same or similar time frame.

We are presently working to determine whether we can provide safe access to some key facilities on our campuses to support you with your work over the summer period. We are continuing to monitor Government guidelines as they emerge and are putting in place procedures that will enable us to offer a safe and legally compliant working environment for everyone.

The provision of places to study is important to you. James France on the Loughborough campus is available now for a limited number of students (bookable via the Student Services Engagement Portal) and our plan is to open the Pilkington Library for use as a study space from 6th July, providing Government guidelines at that time allow.

We shall open our London campus, allowing students to access study spaces from 22nd June. If you wish to use facilities they will need to be booked in advance. Detailed communications about this will be sent separately to those of you studying at Loughborough University London. We aim to re-open the library on the London campus from 4th July if possible.

For some of our disciplines, access to specific facilities within the School may also be relevant to you. The Dean of your School will notify you shortly of any arrangements being put in place for access to and use of facilities within your School. The Dean will also advise on opportunities that are discipline specific and complement ongoing project work, for example ‘masterclasses’ in specific skills. Please be reassured that you will not be disadvantaged in your studies if you are unable to travel back to campus or are not able to use any facilities. The arrangements which have already been put in place for you remain appropriate for completion of your project or dissertation and supervision will continue remotely to support you.

If you are a Loughborough or London-based student working remotely at the moment or if you have an accommodation contract which is coming to an end soon, there may be opportunities for you to secure temporary living accommodation on the Loughborough campus over the summer period if you wish and are able to do so. Please contact the Student Accommodation Centre,, (0)1509 274488 to discuss this further.

When you reflect on this academic year, focus on your many successes and achievements. Life has been unexpectedly very different from anything we have experienced before. Your resilience and spirit have shone through. All that remains is for me to say one final time is thank you for everything you have done.



Professor Bob Allison