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Update for undergraduate students - 11 May 2021

Dear Undergraduate Students, 

The Government has announced changes to Covid restrictions from 17 May 2021, that will allow the resumption of further activity at the University. Details of the Government’s plans for this stage are available on its website

Please read this information carefully.  

Learning and teaching 

We will offer some in-person teaching on almost all of our programmes from 17th May. Your timetable will show you the colour-coded in-person sessions, and any live MS Teams sessions and on-demand content available to you as previously. The room details for the in-person classes will be added as soon as possible later this week, so please check your timetable for these updates. For any student unable to return to campus, opportunities will still be available to access online sessions and/or in-person sessions online via Microsoft Teams. 

The number of in-person sessions available will reflect the stage of teaching delivery for each module at this time of the academic year, but we hope that you will welcome the opportunity to return to the classroom and ask questions in person to our teaching staff where possible before the end of the academic year.  

For those students expecting to sit exams from 1st June, you should have received an email on 28th April about your examination timetable. Further information about the Semester 2 exams and assessments is available online .  

After exams have finished, we will be providing opportunities for students on a small number of degree programmes to ‘catch up’ on any activities which were postponed, such as the use of specialist facilities or other practical work. Your School will have already notified you separately if this applies to your programme. 

Returning to campus 

If you are currently in the UK but away from Loughborough 

You should now make arrangements to return to Loughborough for Monday 17th May if you have not already done so. If you choose not to return you may continue to access any course content online but should also note the rebate information in the Hall Accommodation paragraph below. 

If you are not in the UK 

We are advising undergraduate students not in the UK to carefully consider their options. If you are based in a country that is on the Government’s ‘red list’ we advise that you should not travel to the UK. If you are not in the UK but in a country other than a ‘red list’ one, you should make your own decision on whether to travel, noting the information here and further down in this section. 

If you are studying a programme requiring practical teaching or specialist facilities, and are not going to be able to return to attend the in-person classes scheduled for you for the rest of this academic year, you should contact your School immediately if you have not already done so, as it may not be possible to make arrangements for you to complete the year via online study. 

Students studying other programmes who are not able to return to in-person classes from 17th May 2021 do not need to take any further action if they are completing Semester 2 online. 

To assist with your travel planning, we have put together an overview on our website of the Covid tests you will need to take before you travel to the UK and once you are here. The site also provides information about quarantine when you arrive in the UK. Once your quarantine period is complete, you will be required to take a free Covid test at least once a week. You should book this using the Connect and Protect form

Hall Accommodation 

If you live in hall accommodation, we will charge hall fees from 17th May. Following a request from LSU, we are planning to extend hall accommodation contracts at no additional charge to students (excluding food), to enable students who wish to remain in Loughborough for additional time at the end of term. We will write with more detail shortly. 

If you are currently based outside the UK and are unable to return to campus for 17th May, you can continue to apply for a rebate on your hall fees. Further information on this will be made available by the Student Accommodation team. 

Social Distancing Arrangements 

The government has confirmed a further easing of social distancing restrictions from 17th May. You can find the full details here but in summary:  

  • Up to 30 people can now meet outside 
  • Indoors, the rule of 6 or two households applies 

Please remember that rules and restrictions about social distancing and wearing face coverings when required will remain in place and you must adhere to them. 

We continue to ask students to help us keep the community safe by sticking to the social distancing rules in place and the testing regime detailed below.  

Covid testing for students based in the UK 

If you are already back at the University 

You should continue taking a free Covid test at least once a week. Please book your tests using the Connect and Protect form

If you are planning to return in readiness for 17th May 

Before you travel: You should take a test if community testing facilities are available near your home. You can also order a home test kit through your local pharmacy. If you are travelling from an area which is currently undergoing surge testing you must have a test before you travel. If the test is positive, you must not travel until your period of self-isolation is complete. We shall make sure that you can catch up on any missed work. 

On your arrival in Loughborough: You must book a lateral flow Covid test before you access any part of the campus including Halls of Residence. The only exception is those that have had a positive Covid test within the last 90 days. You should do this using the Connect and Protect form.  

Once on campus, you will be required to take a free Covid test at least once a week.  

If you are currently based outside the UK, please follow the separate instructions regarding testing when travelling to the UK from overseas, as outlined on our website

Sport and other campus activities 

In line with the Government plans, indoor group sports and exercise classes will be able to resume from 17th May. Full details are available on the Loughborough Sport website . 

LSU’s Socially Distanced Social Club is already open and can be accessed by students. The Students' Union building will re-open on 17th May for social, student-group and study spaces. Capacity and table limits will be in place. Please refer to the LSU website and their social media channels for more updates. 

For those students in halls, the University is working with Hall Committees and LSU to run hall balls on site at the end of term.  

I am pleased to say that planning for Graduation is continuing. Details will be sent to finalists shortly but dates for different Schools have been published here

Supporting your wellbeing 

If you are feeling anxious or worried at all about how the current situation is affecting you, please remember that there is help available.  

Student Services (E:, T: 01509 222765) offers a range of support, mental health and wellbeing and financial advice. You can also access online support 24/7 through the Togetherall platform. The Centre for Faith and Spirituality (E:, T: 01509 223741) offers a space for reflection and has chaplains of various faiths. 

Loughborough Students’ Union’s Welfare and Diversity team can also offer guidance and support. 

To support students in challenging financial circumstances, the University has hardship funds available – more information is available here

Richard Taylor 

Chief Operating Officer