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Update for students - 13 October 2021

From the Chief Operating Officer: In-person and online teaching update

Dear Loughborough-based Students, 

I hope that the new academic year has started well for you and that you are enjoying being back on campus.

Thank for all you are doing to help keep our campus community safe and as Covid free as possible at the start of the academic year:

  • By being tested at least once a week in our asymptomatic test facility
  • By wearing face coverings when moving around indoors and in classes (especially where requested by your tutor). Your cooperation with this is very much appreciated by staff members who are vulnerable or who have family members who are.
  • By receiving both doses of your vaccine.

Because the start of term has so far been very successful in preventing any spread of Covid, we are now taking the step to increase the amount of in-person teaching you receive as promised. From next week we will begin to remove sessions that alternate between in-person and online delivery, replacing them with full in-person classes, which means that you will be able to go every week to more of your classes. We will prioritise classes where the class size is still smaller than the room size and some rotations will remain for some classes in the short term.

We will monitor the situation into the following weeks and hope to move even further towards fully in-person delivery. You do not need to do anything other than check your timetable for 18th October onwards to see which of your classes have switched back to in-person. The timetable changes are being made in the live system, so please check back frequently. In some cases, you may find that there is also a change of the teaching room where we can readily accommodate larger groups, so please check your timetable carefully.

We have asked staff to maintain dual delivery (ie have a live MS Teams session available during an in-person class) for the time being in case you are self-isolating and/or unable to attend in person sessions for legitimate reasons. However, we strongly encourage you to attend your classes in-person and register your attendance by checking in via the MyLboro app. If you do exceptionally miss a session, the recording of the lecture is normally made available in the ReVIEW block for the module in Learn within a couple of days for you to go through afterwards.

If you have any questions about your studies, then please do get in touch with your School’s student support team.

As always please remember that there is a range of support available to you from the University. If you need any help please reach out to Student Services either in person in the Bridgeman Building, by phoning on 01509 222765 or by emailing

Richard Taylor

Chief Operating Officer