Frequently asked questions

Last updated: 27 March at 12.30pm

Mental wellbeing

If you are worried about coronavirus and your mental health, advice is available from Mind the charity dedicated to better mental health.

Members of staff can also access help through the Employee Assistance Programme.

General questions

Is the University open?

The University is now closed apart from for essential services, including support for those students still on campus who are unable to travel home.

What action is the University taking?

We are following all Public Health England advice and guidance and are communicating regularly with our staff and students. We are working closely with NHS services and Public Health England who are taking the lead in responding to the case and we will take direction from them in all aspects of this situation.

A COVID-19 Response Group, chaired by the University’s Chief Operating Officer, is meeting regularly to ensure coordination of all relevant activities and liaison with Public Health England, Government offices and the NHS.

The University continues to operate normally. We are monitoring the situation closely and we continue to provide as much advice, care and support as we can to our University community. Additional hand sanitiser facilities have been put in place across the University.

Should I wear a face mask?

The advice we have is that the risk of infection is low so extra protective measures are not necessary, and it is debatable whether masks will be effective in this situation.

However, it is a recognised custom for some communities to wear face masks to protect themselves and others from the possibility of infection. It is very important that we recognise and respect this custom. We would encourage all members of our community to be inclusive and supportive of what is a personal choice.

What is being done to minimise the risk of infection?

The University is constantly reviewing its domestic cleaning programme as part of our Coronavirus response. We are also continuing to remind staff, students and visitors of the importance of maintaining good personal hygiene at all times, in line with Public Health England advice.

What should I do if I am currently working overseas?

If you are working overseas we advise that you consider returning to the UK early. If you choose to stay, consider if that is an appropriate response.

Please read the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advice for travel advice about returning to the UK.

What advice is there for travelling within the UK?

There is no specific Government advice about UK travel, but you may wish to consider minimising travel in the UK.

What if I have an event planned on campus or planning an event?

Events planned for campus from Monday 16March should be reconsidered on the following basis and in this order:

  1. Are they in a confined space?
  2. Are they indoors?
  3. Do they involve a large number of people?
  4. Do people have complex travel arrangements to arrive, in particular using public transport?

Consider the risk based on these points. The more you answer yes to the above questions, the more you should consider postponing or cancellation.

We have advised LSU to cancel their regular Friday Night Disco and similar events on this basis but have agreed to things like orienteering activity on campus. Saturday’s visit days will go ahead.

If in doubt please, consult your manager or email