Delivering teaching remotely

Advice for teaching staff in how to deliver teaching remotely.

Please note that you do not need to use the campus VPN for access to Email, Learn, Panopto and Adobe Connect. Further advice about the VPN can be found here.

Marking remote exams

There are three main ways you can mark the exam answers:

Option 1

Mark offline using a PDF annotation tool such as Adobe Acrobat DC.

Option 2

Mark online using the Learn Assignment.

Option 3

Mark online using Turnitin.

I need to deliver a lecture through Learn

Can I access and reuse an old lecture?

By default, all your lectures from last year will have been copied over to this year’s module block on ReVIEW. You can edit or delete recordings where necessary.

There are resources available that provide some guidance for doing this:

How do I record a new offline lecture?

The Panopto Personal Capture software that is connected to ReVIEW, allows you to record your screen, microphone and webcam (if desired). This is released immediately by default when you are happy with it.

We now have a stock of webcams which will enable staff to video formula or proof development for example. Please contact if you need this capability.

An overview of how to use Panopto Personal Capture is available in the workshop recording:

PLEASE NOTE: The Panopto Personal Capture software has been installed on all academics’ Windows PCs and laptops from the 12 March, 2020. If you are using a Mac or personal laptop/PC, you will need to download and install the Panopto Personal Capture software.

Can I continue to record my scheduled timetabled lecture?

Please note that it will not be possible to attend your scheduled lecture slot and record the session to an empty room after Friday 20 March. However, five rooms have been made available in G block for this purpose. G block has only a short distance between the car park and the lecture rooms, and has toilet facilities inside, If you wish to record a new lecture in a lecture room setting, please contact to book.

You will need to ensure that the recording is then placed in the correct place on the Learn server. Teaching Support will be able to assist with this if you need help.

We would encourage you when time permits to become familiar with the Personal Panopto software as described above. This arrangement will be reviewed after the Easter break.

The ReVIEW and Personal Capture website provides support for recording, editing and posting new lectures.

Can I deliver live lectures to students?

We do not recommend live streaming lectures due to bandwidth limitations and the additional pressure of delivering live through a technology you may not be familiar with.

If you feel it is necessary to live stream a lecture, live streaming can be turned on within the Personal Capture software, but we recommend you contact us in advance.

Please note: Adobe Connect should not be used for live streaming lectures due to licensing restrictions.

Who can I contact for support with lecture capture recordings?

For further support in relation to delivering your lectures online please contact

I need to interact with my students

How do I connect with my students in a seminar/group supervision where they can all participate?

Use Adobe Connect. This allows students to join a virtual meeting room where you can interact with them via chat, audio, shared screens and interactive whiteboards. Students do not require any additional hardware or software to interact with Adobe Connect.

The following guides will assist you in downloading, setting up and using the software:

How can I connect with an individual student?

Adobe Connect can also be used for individual tutorials. The Adobe Connect guidance linked previously details how to set up a 1-2-1 meeting with a student.

More traditional methods like email or the chat functions in Learn can also be used. You could also use other tools such as Skype or even the phone!

PLEASE NOTE: Please be aware of the communication methods you use for private or commercially sensitive information, for example do not use social media messaging.

How do I enable my students to interact with each other in groups?

Collaborative groupwork

There are several activity types within Learn that can be used for collaborative groupwork. 

The Forum activity in Learn provides a quick and easy way to communicate with students, and it can be used to encourage peer-to-peer discussion. It is different from the module noticeboard, which is for one-way communication only (for example staff to students). 

The OU Wiki activity in Learn is a simple, flexible, collaborative online space that lets staff and students create and edit a series of linked pages. Only one person can edit a page at any one time. If you want multiple people to be able to edit the same document, then the use of OneDrive might be preferable – see below.

The following guides will assist you in using these tools:

Real-time groupwork

You can use Adobe Connect to give students additional permissions to review a document as a group and facilitate a group discussion. It is also possible for students to share and edit documents in a collaborative way using OneDrive.

How do I make myself available for students to ask questions? 

We would recommend using Adobe Connect. Alternatively, you can use the Chat Activity in Learn, a basic messaging tool that you can use on individual modules. 

If you don’t require live discussion, the Forum Activity allows students to post questions that you can answer in your own time.  

I need to deal with assessment 

How can I mark assignments remotely?

There should be no change to the current practice for marking electronically submitted coursework. The following guides can support you to do this:

Where can I find extra resources?

The Centre for Academic Practice has a Tools for Teaching resources page with tips on using everything from OneDrive to Learn. The Technology Enhanced Learning officers are always happy to help and discuss what technologies could help staff in delivering their teaching. 

Linkedin Learning is available for all staff and students and more information on how to make the most of the tool can be found here

The University Library has put together some general resources around Digital Fluency here.

Who do I contact for further support?

IT Support For assistance with University hardware and systems and specialist software requests. 

Learn Support For help with Learn and other technology enhanced learning tools.

ReVIEW Lecture Capture Support For help and guidance using ReVIEW.