Covid-19 Cases

This data relates to live positive cases of Covid-19 reported via the University’s Connect and Protect service on our Loughborough campus on the dates outlined below. The University will share updates from Connect and Protect twice a week, every Monday and Thursday.

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Last updated: 22 October, 2020

DateOn campus live cases by date of test reportedOff campus live cases by date of test reportedTotal new live cases overall per day(s)
Up to 18 October within last 10 days 123 80 203
19 October 35 38 73
20 October 32 31 63
21 October 36 16 52

The University has had 391 positive cases reported within the last 10 days. Of these, 248 students remain is isolation because their symptoms started less than 10 days ago. 202 cases were reported earlier than in the last 10 days.