Information for campus partners

Frequently asked questions for our campus partners.

Are facilities and services reopening on campus and LUSEP?

The University is in the process of reviewing facilities and services at LUSEP, as part of a gradual and phased strategy to return to operations on campus, in line with the Government’s position. Campus Partners will continue to have access to their premises during the normal operating hours. Please use your Security ID Card to access your building via the proximity reader located at the entrances to your building, until further notice.

What about vehicle access to LUSEP?

The West Gate (LUSEP) entrance is now fully re-opened from 6am to 10pm daily including weekends.

If I am working at LUSEP, do I need to let anyone know?

If you or your colleagues will be working alone in your LUSEP premises, please notify Security via the LUSEP Out of Hours Working webpage, even during normal working hours, until further notice.

We recommend that Campus Partners review their organisation’s lone worker policy and amend accordingly to reflect the prevailing situation, if they have staff who are going to be working alone at LUSEP.

If you will be working in your LUSEP premises with colleagues, there is no need to notify Security.

What steps have been taken to make LUSEP a safe place to work?

The Property Office team has undertaken a risk assessment in all LUSEP buildings. Signage to aid social distancing is installed in every LUSEP building. Cleaning has resumed in LUSEP buildings. Its frequency is dependent on occupancy levels and is focussed on the most often touched surfaces in communal areas and facilities. Campus Partners are urged to help protect themselves and others through personal ownership of areas such as desks, work equipment and personal items, and continued vigilance in frequent touch areas.

What are the rules regarding face coverings?

The University’s Face covering policy which came into effect on 7 September applies to LUSEP premises. This should be adhered to in addition to any measures you may also be taking within your individual premises. The policy states that face coverings are required at LUSEP in:

  • communal indoor public areas in buildings such as all building receptions
  • multi-occupancy toilets
  • main thoroughfares and common communal areas

The policy states that face coverings are required on the wider campus in all shops and the mail room.

The policy states that face coverings would not be required in:

  • offices (including multi-occupancy offices)
  • areas where the use of face coverings would be impractical (for example cafes and areas where people eat or drink)

The University policy is in addition to the legal requirements in England, as outlined on the Government’s website. Please remember that some people may be unable to use face coverings because of medical conditions, for example.

What guidance is available on social distancing?

The University’s Social Distancing Guidance Document has been used to inform the Property Office’s risk assessment of LUSEP buildings. Please use this document as additional guidance to the measures you may also be taking within your individual premises.

Are receptions open at LUSEP?

ATIC, Charnwood and SportPark receptions are now open from 8am to 5pm on weekdays, with telephone cover during lunch. Screens have been installed to aid social distancing at reception desks in these buildings and also at SportPark.

What about post and deliveries?

ATIC, Charnwood and SportPark receptions are now operating post collection and delivery services as normal. Holywell building occupants can also use Charnwood reception for their mail, as normal. SportPark mail is delivered to individual offices within the premises every Tuesday. Michael Pearson building occupants can collect and receive post from the central mailroom which is located to the north side (rear) of the Herbert Manzoni Building on Central Campus.
The mailroom’s opening hours are 9am – 5pm (open during lunch hours). Only cashless payments will be accepted. Parking is available. Contact the team at

Three Amazon lockers are available across campus for Amazon deliveries – please use these instead of visiting the mailroom.

Who do I contact if I need to report a maintenance problem?

ATIC, Charnwood and SportPark receptions are the first point of contact for maintenance-related issues for these premises. Holywell and Michael Pearson organisations should also report to Charnwood reception.

Are catering facilities available?

Catering outlets at LUSEP have reopened for Grab and go and hot food as follows:

Holywell Café, Charnwood Building, 2 September  8.30 – 15.30.
SportPark Café remains closed while it is reconfigured for social distancing – we will update on progress in due course.  

ATIC sandwich and snack vending machine and coffee machine are operating as normal.
The University’s Refresh Delivered Service is also available.

The latest information on the University’s catering facilities across campus including LUSEP cafes is available here.

Are the sports facilities on the campus open?

Sports facilities are gradually being re-opened. For the latest information, please go to the Loughborough Sport website.