Request a coach, mentor or buddy

Would you like to work with a coach, mentor or buddy?

If you would like to explore the possibility of working with an internal coach, please complete the application form and one of the Organisational Development team will contact you to discuss your application further.

If you are within a senior role at the University and due to the complexity of your current situation or the level of confidentiality that is required, you wish to explore working with an external coach please contact We can provide support in selecting a suitably qualified and experienced coach from a list of pre vetted and costed list of providers, where you have budget available.

If you would like to express your interest in working with a mentor please explore your School/Professional Service based mentoring scheme in the first instance to see if it meets your mentoring needs.

If your School/Professional Service does not have an existing scheme that you can engage with – please register your interest. Mentoring requests will be reviewed by a panel at the end of each month and a member of the Organisational Development team will then get in touch with you to suggest a potential mentor.

Please click here to find resources and guides to our Buddy Scheme.