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University Governance

Charter and Statutes

Statute XIII

The Council

XIII. The Council


In accordance with and for periods specified by Ordinance VIII (The Council), the Council shall consist of ex-officio members, appointed members representing current and former students, members elected from the academic and non-academic staff, and co-opted members external to the University. The composition of the Council shall have a majority of members who are not staff or students of the University.


Subject to the Charter and these Statutes, the Council shall exercise the University’s powers and be responsible for:

   i.  general control over the University and all its affairs, purposes and functions;

   ii.  the management and administration of the revenue and property of the University;

   iii.  the custody and use of the Common Seal.


In addition to all other powers vested in it, the Council shall have the powers set out in Ordinance VIII (The Council).


Subject to the Statutes, the Council shall be entitled to delegate all or any of its functions, powers and responsibilities to any person or body.


The Council shall not delegate responsibility for:

   i.  appointing the Chancellor, Pro-Chancellors and Honorary Treasurer;

   ii.  appointing the Vice-Chancellor and Pro-Vice-Chancellors;

   iii.  appointing the Chair, Deputy Chair and Secretary of Council;

   iv.  the variation, amendment or revocation of the Charter or Statutes;

   v.  the approval of the University’s strategic plan;

   vi.  the approval of the University’s financial forecasts and annual budget;

   vii.  the approval of the University’s annual audited accounts;

   viii.  appointing the University’s external auditors;

   ix.  major changes to terms and conditions of employment;

   x.  oversight of Students’ Union governance.


The Council shall appoint a Chair, a Deputy Chair and a Secretary in accordance with the conditions, procedures and terms prescribed in the Ordinances.

February 2020

Note: Amendments allowed by the Privy Council on 30 December 1974 and 7 April 1982 are embodied in the Statutes, and are indicated by *.

Modifications made by the University Commissioners and allowed by the Privy Council on 17 November 1992 are incorporated and are indicated by †.

Amendments allowed by the Privy Council on 14 December 1993, 24 April 1996, 3 September 1998, 10 August 1999, 27 July 2001, 31 October 2001, 8 May 2003, 20 August 2007, 9 December 2009 and 12 February 2020 are embodied in the Statutes, and are indicated by ¶, #, , $, ^, +, >, ~ ,% and &.