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University Governance

University Regulations

Regulation XII

Application and Revisions of Regulations

1.1 All Regulations and alterations or amendments thereto shall be made by Senate and. shall normally be implemented at the commencement of Semester One.

1.2 Regulations applying to individual students shall normally be those in force at the time of the student’s most recent registration, with the exception of Regulations XX, XXI, XXIII, XXV and XXVI when it shall be those in force at the time of the student’s initial registration.

2.1 If there should arise what is thought to be urgent need to alter or amend any Regulation with immediate effect, application shall be made to the Senate stating the nature of the need and specifying the desired alterations or amendments.

2.2 Senate shall consider the application which shall be approved only if two-thirds of the members present vote in its favour.