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Loughborough University

Ordinance III

Substantive Awards and Honorary Degrees

(This version is effective from 1 August 2011)

1. Substantive Awards

  1. Substantive degrees, diplomas, certificates, fellowships, scholarships, exhibitions and prizes shall be awarded by authority of the Senate on such conditions as may be prescribed by the Charter, Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations.
  2. Awards shall be conferred in person or in absentia at the Congregation next following their award by the Senate unless a candidate has requested that his/her award be conferred at a later Congregation. Exceptionally, the Academic Registrar or nominee may waive this requirement and permit an award to be conferred at a date other than a congregation.
  3. Staff candidates for research degrees shall be presented by the Vice-Chancellor or in his/her absence by some other Senior Officer of the University.
  4. Candidates for degrees shall be presented at a Congregation by the Dean of the School concerned.
  5. No person shall be admitted to an award in the University unless he/she has paid the fees prescribed by Regulations and has satisfied all other Regulations.
  6. Senate shall prescribe in Regulations the conditions under which a substantive award may be awarded to a member of the staff of the University.
  7. Aegrotat Awards
    In exceptional circumstances, taught students who have been prevented by illness or other sufficient cause from obtaining a degree may be considered by the Senate for the award of an unclassified aegrotat degree in accordance with the provisions of Regulations XX (undergraduates) and XXI (postgraduates). Holders of undergraduate aegrotat degrees shall not necessarily be prevented from going forward to a programme for a higher degree in the University where an Honours degree is prescribed by Regulations as a requirement.
  8. No award shall be conferred except in pursuance of a resolution of the Senate.

2. Honorary Degrees

Honorary graduands shall be presented by a Public Orator of the University.