Our research

Loughborough University has a long and proud history of research excellence. We have been awarded the Queen’s Anniversary prize for research seven times, and the application of our research has impacted everything from sports education, to road safety and manufacturing efficiency.

Whilst our research is varied, one of our current areas of priority is health and wellbeing around the world, a collaboration that takes in all of Loughborough's key research strengths.

This research brings together some of the University’s greatest minds, in sport, exercise and health sciences; mechanical, electrical and manufacturing engineering; social sciences; chemistry and design, in the hope of developing new and innovative ways to improve the health and wellbeing of wider society.

Improving the health & wellbeing of everyone

People are living longer. However, people are spending an increasing amount of time in ill health. The emotional and financial impact on individuals suffering from poor health as well as the strain it places on their families, the NHS and social care, is massive.

Our researchers are committed to protecting the nation’s health and well-being, by turning high quality research into health outcomes that can be applied to practice now. Thanks to the generosity of our alumni and friends we have already made significant breakthroughs in our research. However, our ambition is to go even further in addressing global issues such as dementia, cancer, diabetes, obesity and multiple sclerosis.

Our current research priorities:

Our goal is to help save the lives of 30,000 dementia patients each year. Find out how you can help us make a real difference.

Make a difference, make a gift

We all know the value of our health & wellbeing, particularly when its threatened for us, or those we love. The Loughborough family can make a real and lasting difference to the health and well being of everyone, and by making a gift today- you ensure that from Loughborough’s key strengths, we develop new and innovative methods of making a healthier tomorrow, for all of us.

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