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The GaWC Annual Lecture is held every year in the Department of Geography at Loughborough University with a transcript of the lecture and discussion provided here. The Inaugural Lecture was given by Saskia Sassen (University of Chicago) in 1999.


GaWC Annual Lecture 2012: Globalization, Cities and the Rise of Global Work (power point presentation)
Andrew Jones (Department of Geography, Environment and Development Studies, Birkbeck)
25 May 2012

Abstract: It is widely understood that globalization has dramatically transformed cities across the planet. However, much of the world city debate has focused on economic and social transformations within cities along with analysis of the nature of connections between them. Despite broad debates about the nature of the ‘space of flows’ and ‘mobilities’, the world city literature has had relatively little to say about how cities are key sites that are shaping the globalization of work itself. In this context, this lecture argues for a theoretical perspective that takes the globalization of work seriously, and which in so doing enables an understanding how in today’s world conventional concepts of work as a form of economic practice, along with its spatiality, require radical reformulation. Using recent research into the nature of international youth volunteering, it examines how the concept of ‘global work’ provides new insight into how globalization has transformed the practices we associate with the term ‘work’, along with the nature of what we might understand to be a workplace and a labour market. It furthermore uses this case of youth voluntary work to examine how the material spaces of world city networks are key influences on the spatiality of globalized work.

The lecture was followed by a postgraduate seminar on ‘Practice and Economic Geography’, chaired by Dr Sarah Mills.



GaWC Annual Lecture 2011: Global Urban Hierarchies and Cultural Industries
Robert C. Kloosterman (Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research)
14 December 2010

GaWC Annual Lecture 2010: Global Cities and the Creative Economy
Andy C. Pratt (Centre for Culture, Media and Creative Industries Research, King's College London)
28 April 2010

GaWC Annual Lecture 2009: World Cities and Airline Networks
Michael Timberlake (Department of Sociology, The University of Utah)
29 April 2009

GaWC Annual Lecture 2008: The Study of Cities: Historical and Structural Approaches (power point presentation)
Piet Saey (Department of Geography, Ghent University)
14 January 2008 (with 2nd GaWC Student Workshop: Globalization, World Cities and History)

GaWC Annual Lecture 2007: China's Urban Revolution: Globalization and Urban Development in Transitional Markets (presentation)
Fulong Wu (Urban China Research Centre, Cardiff University)
15 January 2007 (with 1st GaWC Student Workshop: Globalization, World Cities and China)

GaWC Annual Lecture 2006: Power and World Cities
John Allen (Open University)
10 January 2006

GaWC Annual Lecture 2005: London: Europe's New York (power point presentation; pdf)
Alan Freeman (Greater London Authority)
10 January 2005

GaWC Annual Lecture 2004: World Cities, Mega-Cities and Global Mega-City-Regions (power point presentation)
Sir Peter Hall (Institute of Community Studies / The Bartlett, UCL)
5 January 2004

GaWC Annual Lecture 2003: The Globalization of Law (power point presentation) (summary)
Peter Charlton (Senior Partner, Clifford Chance)
13 January 2003

GaWC Annual Lecture 2002: Cities and Globalization
John Rennie Short (Department of Geography, Syracuse University)
14 January 2002

GaWC Annual Lecture 2001: Splintering Urbanism: Technological Mobilities and the Urban Condition
Stephen Graham (Centre for Urban Technology, School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, University of Newcastle upon Tyne)
14 May 2001

GaWC Annual Lecture 2000: Global Cities and Developmental States: Understanding Singapore's Global Reach
Henry Wai-chung Yeung (Department of Geography, National University of Singapore)
7 March 2000

GaWC Annual Lecture 1999: The Spatiality and Temporality of Globalization
Saskia Sassen (Department of Sociology, University of Chicago)
3 July 1999