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Engineering/Architectural Firms in World Cities: Nodal Size and Network Connectivity

P.J. Taylor

Basic results derived from GaWC Data Set 13.

These results constitute part of the analysis in GaWC Research Bulletin No. 146 Leading World Cities: Empirical Evaluations of Urban Nodes in Multiple Networks.

The basic analyses are similar to GaWC Data Set 12, which was derived from GaWC Data Set 11. However, because engineering/architectural projects are short-term in many of their office requirements, two sets of results are shown:

  1. Nodal size the sum of the global practice scores for 234 cities
  2. Network connectivity the usual measure of how deeply embedded cities are into office networks, which may be less relevant given the temporary nature of the offices in the 234 cities

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As per our data protocol, the following acknowledgement should accompany any public use of the data:

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: The data were produced by P.J. Taylor and constitute Data Set 14 of the Globalization and World Cities (GaWC) Research Network ( publication of inter-city data.