Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) student leadership groups

The Loughborough BAME Student Council and BAME Doctoral Researcher Consortium are two recently formed student voice groups which collectively represent and advocate for the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) student body of Loughborough University, based on the East Midlands and London campuses.

Our objective is to continually improve student experiences and increase sense of belonging for our BAME students, working towards racial equity across all areas of the University.

Both groups are supported by an advisory team of staff from key areas of the university including Loughborough Students' Union, the BAME Staff Network, and Student Wellbeing and Inclusion, who are all dedicated to facilitating student-led change.

These groups provide a supportive, open-door space which aims to amplify the collective experiences, knowledge and expertise of racially minoritized students from across the University.

Students can use this platform to:

  • Share their experiences in a safer and more validating environment.
  • Collaboratively generate and lead projects and initiatives to improve the BAME student experience at Loughborough.
  • Identify ways to highlight and celebrate the achievements of students in the BAME community.
  • Increase visibility of the challenges and experiences encountered as a result of institutional racism, racial discrimination and harassment and lack of response to reported concerns.
  • Recommend responsive actions to address issues or concerns raised.
  • Access a range of events and workshops, including anti-racist leadership training opportunities to support their personal and professional development.

Since their launch in October 2022, Loughborough’s BAME student leadership groups have had a positive impact on student experiences through various initiatives such as an essay competition, with a cash prize, encouraging student of colour to reflect on their experiences in their field of study.

The Loughborough BAME Student Council focuses on undergraduate and postgraduate taught students who identify as being in the BAME population at Loughborough University.

The BAME Doctoral Researcher Consortium focuses on post-graduate research students.

Membership is open to any student who identifies as being in the BAME population at Loughborough University and is willing to commit to participation for at least one academic year.

To join, please email for the attention of the EDI Coordinator.