Addressing the Race Pay Gap

Closing the race pay gap is a long-term commitment. 

What are we doing

Through our Race Equality Charter we have committed to:

Carry out detailed analysis of Grade 9 pay in the next academic year, cross referencing time in post and subject area pay norms in order to identify any issues with current pay in order to correct these, with the aim of eradicating any equal pay gap at G9 that is not explained by the indicators listed (time in post and subject area pay norms).
Undertake work to look at differences in initial salary setting in order to develop policies if racialised differences are evident.
Undertake work to understand and rectify the salary setting of casual salaries, currently these are at the discretion of the employing area, with the aim of eradicating an equal pay gap at grades 4 and 5 that is not explained by time in post.
Undertake a range of work to understand and report on racialised differences within traditional bonus/reward structures with an annual item for all Deans and Directors of Service regarding the use of anti-racist resources (due to be produced as part of Loughborough University's Race Equity Strategy activities) and progression of anti-racism practice.
Review promotions criteria from a race equality perspective with any race-based barriers being removed and efforts to progress race equity being explicitly recognised as a valued leadership criteria.
Ensure that all Schools and Professional Service Departments will annually analyse an agreed array of data relating to staff and, where relevant, students. They will use this to determine local activities to progress racial equity.
Progress a range of activity regarding recruitment including: An end-to-end review of the recruitment process with a commitment to action being put in place to tackle any racialised differences that the review does not explain; The executive appointment process (including sub-panels) will include diversity in terms of race as well as gender; The delivery of positive action coaching for senior leaders and those involved in recruitment and promotion processes.