Addressing the Gender Pay Gap

Our People and Organisational Development Strategy outlines the University’s commitment to increasing the diversity of the workforce, which includes increasing the number of women in senior academic, management and leadership roles.

What we are doing

Closing the gender pay gap is a long-term commitment. So far we have:

Expanded our commitment to Athena Swan, which aims to encourage and recognise commitment to advancing the careers of women in employment in higher education and research.

We currently hold the following awards:

  • University Bronze award
  • AACME Bronze award
  • ABCE Bronze award
  • Science Bronze award
  • Science Bronze award
  • SSEHS Silver award
  • SSH Bronze award
  • Wolfson Bronze award

The following Schools are either working towards their first submission or a re-submission in 2023:

  • ABCE
  • London
Expedited our progress towards increasing the female RTE population (from 31% to 40% over the next five years).
Worked with Campus Trade Union representatives to identify further possible actions to reduce the gender pay gap.
Nominations Committee, which develops a pipeline of candidates for Council and its Sub-Committees, is committed to diversifying membership as positions become available over the next five years.
Celebrated the success of women at Loughborough through, for example, award submissions, events, and our global marketing and communications.
Joined the Women in Higher Education Network (WHEN), enabling us to share and learn from best practice.
Commenced a comprehensive review of academic promotion criteria and processes to ensure that they align with the developing new strategy and reflect the careers of women and people with other protected characteristics.
Launched Loughborough’s first women’s’ network – Maia – to provide support for female progression. Membership now stands at 500 people.
Launched a Coaching, Mentoring and Buddying Framework, helping to ensure that all colleagues – regardless of job family or grade – can, if they want to, apply to have access to a coach, mentor or buddy.
Launched a development programme for women called the TORCH programme.
Made unconscious bias training mandatory for all selection panels and senior leadership teams.

Moving forward we are:

Carrying out a review of Performance and Development Reviews to ensure that career development and progression is embedded in the discussions.
Recruiting a Pro Vice Chancellor for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion to ensure these practices are core to the University’s activities, operations and aspirations.
Ensuring our academic recruitment campaigns help us to increase the diversity of applicants. We are doing this by carrying out a comprehensive review of our recruitment practices in order to identify ways in which we can attract more diverse candidates and improve their candidate experience.
Implementing dynamic working arrangements to help people to work more flexibly and to blend work and home life more effectively.
Conducting a review of reward arrangements to ensure greater transparency, consistency and fairness across staff groups is achieved.
Conducting a review of grade 9 pay and a review of starting salaries.