Gender Equity Survey

As part of an upcoming submission to renew the institution’s Athena Swan Bronze award, Loughborough is conducting an important survey to all staff.

This is an important opportunity to share your thoughts and experiences of gender equity.

The survey aims to collect information on University culture, including questions relating to inclusion, belonging, work-life balance and career development. The responses from this survey, combined with further data, will be used to form a strategic action plan to progress gender equity over the next five years.

How do I take part?

From 5 September until 25 September, you can complete the survey online. It will take approximately five minutes.

If you would like a paper copy of the survey or an alternative version for accessibility reasons, please contact the EDI team by emailing or calling 01509 222668.

We strongly encourage all staff, regardless of gender, to participate in the survey so the findings reflect an inclusive overview of experiences at the University.

Complete the survey

Gender Equity Survey Privacy Statement

Data protection

Before you start the survey, please read this privacy statement which tells you how any personal data you submit with your responses to this survey will be utilised and protected, and the rights you have in relation to it.

All responses collected through this survey will be stored by the EDI Team in Planning, on behalf of Loughborough University. Your responses will be held securely by this team.

Loughborough University is running the Gender Equity Survey in line with our commitment to become a more diverse, equitable and inclusive organisation and to allow for the identification and prioritisation of impactful actions.

We value your responses and all personal information you provide will be treated strictly in terms of the Data Protection Act 1998, the General Data Protection Regulation ((EU) 2016/679) and the UK general Data Protection Regulation 2018.

How we collect your data

For survey analysis we will utilise data that you provided when you started your employment at the University. We do this to reduce the number of questions asked in the survey and ensure data accuracy.

You can review the information that the university holds about you through myHR.

While the survey is running, your responses are held by the EDI Team in Planning, who are facilitating the survey and processing the results. After the survey closes the EDI Team will anonymise the responses and they will be used to identify and prioritise areas for action relating to gender equity.

How we use your data

In the university, your response data will be held securely and anonymised prior to analysis. The data will be analysed by staff in the EDI Team who will treat all data confidentially. Data will then be reported to the EDI-SC and the institutional Athena Swan Self-Assessment Team, for discussion and identification of areas for action to support the progression of gender equity.

High level statistics or information may be used in the university’s submission for the renewal of the Bronze Athena Swan Award in a manner that will ensure identification of individuals is not possible. We retain the anonymised responses to research policymaking and to track the effectiveness of new interventions.

You are able to withdraw your consent for your response to be processed up to the point at which we anonymise the data. If you wish to withdraw your response, please email or call 01509 222668.

Your participation in this questionnaire is voluntary and you can stop at any point without your responses being included in the dataset.

What is Athena Swan?

The Athena Swan Charter is a national initiative committed to tackling gender inequality in higher education and research. It’s a valuable framework for guiding cultural and policy changes at the University which help to create a more inclusive working environment for staff and students. 

Loughborough University currently holds a Bronze Athena Swan Award as an institution and, in line with the University’s strategic aim to create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive organisation, it will be applying to renew it next year.